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Hey there👋

Jabed Zaman

Full Stack Developer, Arch fanboy, CS Student, building rubiks (a secure cloud suite to store & backup your files). Sometimes I click pictures too.

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Currently working as an SDE Intern at dipEAT Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Proficient in developing full-stack web and mobile applications, along with expertise in DevOps and system design. A strong foundation in DevOps principles and excel in integrating latest tech stack into real world applications.




Gateway to a cosmic sharing experience unlike any other. Upload your files to launches your data into the vastness of space, ready to be discovered by friends, colleagues, or collaborators.



Download your Spotify playlists and songs with ease. Spotiloader, react native app, allows you to download your Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube playlists and songs with ease.



Reach out at [email protected]