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The arch linux cult

July 22, 2023 (a year ago)

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Okay as in my last post I recently embarked on yet another clean reinstall of Arch Linux. I ran into some problems with my kernel and GRUB... The arch wiki couldnt help me out... I went to reddit, but still couldnt find the fix... yeah the arch community is the most toxic community in existance and even I send the arch wiki link when someone asks me how to install arch (Bruh just read the manual)

Back in earlier days I had a dual boot setup with both arch and windows. Although I became a ubuntu noob for a short period, after which I finally removed the windows partition which i rarely ever used and became a true arch chad (Just need to get the programming socks, already got the waifu on my desktop)


Arch linux is basically the distro for those elites who are deep into the tech. The installation itself is a pain, but yeah you can follow the arch wiki and get it done easily. There's something exhilarating about building your system from the ground up, tailored to suit your exact needs and preferences, although this honeymoon phase doesnt lasts long, there are updates at time which just breakdown your whole system. That sudden urgue to suddenly rice your distro (inserts moyai emoji), its like playing Russian roulette with your system.

One might ask, why do I keep subjecting myself to this whirlwind of emotions? The answer is simple - the arch cult is addictive. The thrill of tweaking configuration files, exploring the AUR for obscure packages, and delving into the intricacies of the command line can be strangely rewarding. It's like an ever-growing puzzle, and I can't help but take a few more pieces from the box to see where they fit.

Okay now if you are a windows user, then you must be complaing that "the arch fanboys are toxic af, they spend 90% of the time making their distro work rather than working".

If you are a windows user, firstly I would say may god have mercy on you, SEE!!! ARCH IS NOT FOR EVRYONE, here you are expected to do the things by yourself, when you manually install arch, you will eventually get to know about your system way better. You create your own config, this actually makes your dev workflow faster. On arch, you can just hit pacman -S firefox and get your browser ready, meanwhile on windows you have to download the installer first, then go through the installation steps and then get it finally installed, you may also need a reboot.Arch makes it easier and faster to install things. "HEY DUMB$$, YOU CANT PLAY GAMES ON LINUX!!!", oh you poor soul, stuck in the past with your outdated beliefs! It's quite sad to see someone living in a time warp while the world around them evolves. Linux has come a long way, and it's more powerful than ever! I hate to break it to you, but your statement reeks of ignorance. With Proton and Wine, Linux users can now effortlessly play a wide range of Windows games.

There are lots of reason why arch is the perfect distro, and linux is way better than windows. Arch was a love hate relationship thou. On one hand, its unparalleled customizability and bleeding-edge technology captivate me, allowing me to craft a system tailored to my every desire. The rolling release model keeps my software up-to-date, and the extensive Arch Wiki guides me through even the most intricate configurations. Yet, in this journey of empowerment, I often find myself struggling with the complexities it presents. There are lot of times when the system breaks down. But still the love for Arch Linux is inseparable from the frustrations it brings and how it makes you superior from other people.