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Work Experience

dipEAT Foods Pvt. Ltd. - Remote

Software Developer Engineer (SDE)

2023 December - Present

Building an android app to pre order food from local restaurants with dine-in and take-away options. Helping the company to scale and reach more customers by setting up a scalable architecture.

  • Revamping the legacy django backend to a modern Node.js backend improving the performance by 30%.
  • Building the customer and restaurant app from scratch using React Native giving a seamless experience to the users.
  • Implementing Google Maps API to show the restaurants, distance, and ETA to the user.
  • Wrote CI/CD pipelines to automate the deployment process and deploy to azure web services
Techstack:# React Native# Nest.js# PostgreSQL# Azure DevOps# Google Maps API# System Design

GupShupp (OmegleMe) - Remote

Software Developer Engineer (SDE)

2023 December - 2024 January

Developed a real-time chat application where users can chat with strangers anonymously.

  • Used WebSockets to create a real-time chat experience.
  • Worked on a react native frontend and implemented the chat feature.
  • Used tranformer.js to shadow ban users based on sentiment analysis.
Techstack:# React# Node.js# WebSockets# Transformer.js# Machine Learning
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